Mission 216

Oct 6, 1944

Flight Crew

Name Rank Duties
Grnier ,Harold D Lieutenant Pilot
Brill,Robert A Lieutenant Co-Pilot
Katsign, Spiris T Lieutenant Bombardier
Charpier, Eugene H Corpral Nose Gunner/Togglier
Lohr, John F Staff  Sergeant Radio Op/Gunner
Weese, Jackson D Staff  Sergeant Engr./Top Turret
Russell, James F Sergeant Ball Turret gunner
Whiting, Edward H Sergeant Waist Gunner
Johnson, Marvin J Sergeant Tail Gunner

The Mission# 216

A/C name Hellcat Agnes Country   Germany Target   Power plant
A/C number   42-102974   Squadron Position Lead Squadron
A/C Pos Low Element Lead   City  Stralsund


See that little arrow on the left that says barrack site by the empty field? That's where I lived.
Our air base from about 10,000 ft
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