Mission 227

Oct  26 1944

Flight Crew

Name Rank Duties
Miller, Elmonte R Lieutenant Pilot
Mattice, Lynn W Lieutenant Co-Pilot
Brown Ralph C Lieutenant Navigator
Cascone, John C Sergeant Nose Gunner/Toggleir
Lohr, John F Staff Sergeant Radio Op/Gunner
Weese, Jackson D Staff Sergeant Eng/Top Turret Gunner
Cunningham, Charles L Sergeant Ball Turret Gunner
Whiting Edward J Staff Sergeant Waist Gunner
Johnson, Marvin J Sergeant Tail  Gunner

The Mission# 227

A/C name The Hellion Country   Germany Target   Railway Yards
A/C number   42-97370   Squadron Position High Squadron
A/C Pos Low Element Right Wing   City  Munster

Target area after the strike

John Cascone had trained with us when we were back in the states but when we arrived at Kimbolten they reduced the size of the crew by one member. This is the first time John flew with the rest of us. The term togglier was something  they just invented because we had a shortage of bombardiers. The job consisted of watching for  the lead airplane drop a smoke bomb then hit the bombs away switch. Those white streaks at the bottom of the the picture above are from the smoke bombs. 

 Jack Nowacki, our original co-pilot had been pulled off of our crew to become a first pilot so he was flying with another crew. He was replaced by Mattice . We were very superstitious about flying  with strangers on our crew because every time it happened we seem to get into some kind of trouble. We made our concerns known to Miller, our original first pilot and he took extraordinary measures later to keep us together.

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