Mission 232  

Nov 5  1944

Flight Crew

Name Rank Duties
Miller, Elmonte R Lieutenant Pilot
Nowacki, Jack W Lieutenant Co-Pilot
Hodgkiss, Bernard V Lieutenant Navigator
Cascone, John Sergeant Nose Gunner/Togglier
Lohr, John F  Staff Sergeant Radio Op/Gunner
Weese, Jackson D  Staff Sergeant Engr./Top Turret
Cunningham, Charles L Staff Sergeant Ball Turret gunner
Whiting, Edward H Staff  Sergeant Waist Gunner
Johnson, Marvin J  Sergeant Tail Gunner

The Mission# 232

A/C name Take Me Home Country   Germany Target   Aircraft Component Plant
A/C number   43-38275   Squadron Position Low Squadron
A/C Pos Low Element  Right Wing   City  Frankfurt
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B-17 close up pictures

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