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Here are some historical notes passed to me by my first wife, Monalea Dunn Lohr. Her maternal grandmother's maiden name was Georgia Horne and here is the family background as she remembered it:

Charles Horne registered in Sweden 1205

John Thaddeus Horne. Born Jan 20, 1572 in Sweden. Married Swedish wife had two sons and two daughters

Gen. John Adolphus Horne, born July 1598 taken at 5 years of age into Kings household and raised. Made Commander in Chief of the army. Moved to England and settled there in 1642 with a retinue of 500 men and joined Oliver Cromwell. Married Mary McDonald in 1643. Built "The Oaks" in Chestershire. He had 3 daughters Ann, Lucille and Cecelia and 2 sons Oliver Cromwell and Thaddeus.

Oliver Cromwell Horne -Married in England  To Reah. Their children were Jacob Christopher, Enis, Elisabeth, Leah and Martin Luther. He brought wife, children and sisters Ann and Lucille to America from Lancaster July 7, 1694 arrived Sept 5, 1694.

Jacob Christopher Horne - Married Ann Hamilton great aunt of Alex Hamilton on Christmas 1694 in Philadelphia, Pa. They had seven children:

George Horne _ Born Sept 1694  Married Mary Watson in 1717 Daughter of John Watson the first Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania. (Appointed Oct 1771)

Jacob Horne - Born Feb 21, 1724 

In 1739 with brother John and John Hartman he emigrated to Fort Hager Md. Stayed until spring of 1740. Then went  west to Snow Creek Va. and married Dutch Miller's widow in Feb.1742 He received a commission to build a block house near Camp Catfish, Augusta County Va. in 1769. Left in 1772 and built in the spring. He died 1778 and is buried at the block house. His son, John Horne - born July 11, 1767. Married  Barbara Young. His son , Adam Horne born 1800 died 1880 Married Hester Bonnell, His son, Christopher Horne - born1850, died 1888 Married Emma Lucinda Crumrine (Called Nannon) later married Sam Tipton

Christopher was a carpenter in Scenery Hill Pa. and moved to Washington Pa. and opened a boarding house left of what later became the Washington Theater.

They had three daughters, Verna, Glena and GEORGIA

Full name: Georgia Mahalia Horne- Born Jan 14, 1886 died Nov. 1953  she Married Clarence Miller Dec 13, 1902 they had 4 daughters and 1 son Gwen, Lucille, Rosemary (fourth name unknown) and Clarence Jr.

Lucille Miller - Married Jesse Franklin Dunn In Dormont Pa. on Dec 20 1923 minister's name, Rev. Jewell.  Jesse Franklin Dunn (known as Jack) died July 4, 1962

They had 2 daughters and 1 son -Monalea Lucille, John Franklin, and Georgia Mae in that order.

Monalea Married John Furman Lohr, A world war 2 veteran, at the First Presbyterian Church in Washington Pa. on June 21, 1946

They had one daughter, Sheri Louise Lohr born Apr 20, 1947 at 708 North Main St. Washington Pa. A direct descendant Of Christopher Horne  of Snow Creek Va. member of GUARD OF THE FRONTIER, Revolutionary War

A true Daughter of the American Revolution  D.A.R.

Back in 1955 we lived in Long Beach, Cal. at 6271 Marita St.


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