Classic Restorations

Restoration of classic automobiles and motorcycles is a current interest. Here is my recently completed project, my 1980 TR7. (Click the thumbnails for a larger picture)

This is my current work in progress, a 1979 MGB.

Engine comes out
mgback.jpg (26717 bytes)
Paint comes off
mgfront.jpg (18963 bytes)
No eng, No paint
mg&dave.jpg (26345 bytes)
Both ends
paintshp_2.jpg (114167 bytes)
Paint Shop
mgb_rf-3-04.jpg (18284 bytes)
Start reassembly
mgb_r.jpg (18114 bytes)
Rear bumper
mgbdecals.jpg (26154 bytes)
Lights & decal
lsfinish.jpg (31388 bytes)

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